RTD Temperature Sensor

The style STT-R series temperature sensor uses the stainless steel sheath, full-filled the heat conducted material and thermosetting resins. Be widely applied in measuring the temperature of liquid, gas and solid ranging from process control to aerospace
The style STT-T series temperature sensor suitable for applications from laboratory to industrial environments. Widely be fixed in the precision instrument, the thermostatic equipment and the fluid pipeline for the temperature measurement
STT-E series of temperature sensor employs glassfiber as basic material, and made by computer-controlled precision CNC lathe. Its measurement precision and usage life are guaranteed by leading encapsulation technology and equipment. The products can truly reflect the changes of average temperature on objects to be measured, and are mainly used to measure the temperature between machine winding and winding or that between winding and iron core.
STI-D heat meter and temperature transmitter is assembled with imported thin film platinum resistor according to national and international industrial standards. The products not only have features such as vibration resistance, high temperature resistance, good stability, and high precision, but also employs computer to auto-detect the matching systems, auto-control, auto-read data, auto-compute and match, auto-code, and auto-printout. The whole process is automatic and ensures the each pair of temperature sensors reaching the requirement of high precision.

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